I have the courage to follow my heart

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I know…
Time moved on
You moved on….
I still stand at
that place
that space
that time
where there was no YOU and I
but just US
Here I am, waiting…
holding on…
where are you?

iOS 7 And The Transition To Flat


The new iOS redesign is bold. It’s a radical shift toward a polar opposite direction from its felt, faux-leather, lifelike user interface aka Skeuomorphism. Now it’s completely bare and it’s shocking. Apple, known to execute confidently to the smallest details can no longer fulfill that promise. The icons are horrendous, the user interface lacks structure and everything feels unpolished. But it’s not all bad. Far from it.

you need to do what you do for the love of what you do, and that you need to have the patience to go at it again, and again, and again, even if you do not see a concrete, tangible progress every single day. You are mastering the subject, and mastery comes with setbacks. But once a certain level of proficiency is reached, new avenues open up.

Ben Broeckx